While many people tint their car window to improve the overall appearance of their vehicle, there are many other reasons why one SHOULD tint their cars!


Glare from the sun is just a losing battle while trying to be safe on the roads. However, if your windows have automotive tint on them you can avoid squinting your eyes while driving, and that could cause fewer accidents. When the sun is low during the morning or evening commute sunglasses sometimes are just not the solution, however, window tint gives you a clear vision of the roads and surrounding vehicles without blocking your vision.


After you just spent a big chunk of your salary on your car, you want to make sure the interior of your vehicle is protected. Tint on your vehicle window protects against harmful rays of the sun from getting into your car that could cause peeling and fading on the leather. Sun will dry out leather interiors and make them more susceptible to damage. Tinting your windows prevents the most harmful rays of the sun from getting into your car, so its interior stays like new for much longer.

Energy Efficiency

Summer heat and winter cold are unavoidable in Illinois. And with gas prices going up you want to save every penny that you can while driving. So skip blasting the air condition that never seems to cool down your car in the summer.  Untinted windows are like living in a greenhouse.  With the sun beating down on your car, your air condition is in a losing battle trying to keep the interior temperature down. In the winter, tint works in the reverse effect and helps keep the heat in the car.


Let’s face it; today we spend more time in our car than ever before. If you are the driver of your vehicle, look in the mirror at your left side of your body. Do you notice brown spots from the sun or more freckles on the left side of your body? If you are in the passenger seat more, look at your right side. This is due to the harmful rays, which dramatically ups your risk of suffering from prematurely aging skin and skin cancer. Window tint will help reduce UV RAYS! Premier Tint specialist will take the time to educate you on which film is the best to reduce your chance of skin cancer.

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