Window Tinting For Glare Control

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Window Tinting For Glare Control

Controlling glare is a simple matter of reducing the window’s Visible Light Transmission (VLT). It’s the same as putting on a pair of sunglasses. The darker the lenses you have, the more light they will block and the less you’ll have to squint.

 When choosing a film for glare control, consider the darkest film you are comfortable with. It is a common misconception that some darker films “ruin the view”.  In fact, the opposite is often true. We understand that many homeowners don’t want to have dark windows, fearing their view will be obstructed.

  Have you ever driven your car on a sunny day wearing a pair of dark sunglasses to cut down on the glare?  Did you know that most good sunglasses “such as Ray Bans” actually block as much as 95% of the visible light?  Even with that much light being blocked, you can safely drive a car at highway speed.  Are the dark glasses “ruining your view”?  Of course not.  In reality, they are enhancing your view because they are blocking the excessive visible light (the glare) which can cause you to squint, making it harder to focus on well lit objects.

This is one of the reasons why Panorama offers glare reducing films in a variety of tint levels. The Slate Series, which is specifically designed for applications where glare is the primary concern, is available in five levels of reduced light transmission. The strongest Panorama Slate film will reduce heat and glare by 90 percent with a neutral tint that is hardly noticeable from the inside and provides a reflective finish on the outside. You can also opt for the baseline Slate Series film with a softer tint that  will reduce light transmission by 50 percent, offering just enough privacy and glare control.


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