Window Tint in your Office Increases Productivity

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Window Tinting increases productivity

A happy and comfortable staff  is a key element in any successful business. Commercial Office Buildings all around the city can do just that with window tint! All around the world city workers spend a majority of daylight hours at work. The majority of us come to think of it as our “home away from home”.  The biggest difference between your home and your office is you have control over the thermostat at home. Most of us at work probably don’t! Office temperatures being too hot or too cold,  can greatly affect the quality of the work your staff produces.  A1 Window Tint offers window film solutions for your Commercial office building that help keep the heat in during the colder months and heat out during the warmer months. Helping keep your work environment comfortable year round!


The technology in window film has significantly changes in the last twenty years . In the past dark colors were added to window films to help absorb heat and damaging UV rays. Sometimes metals were added to the window tints to reflect heat and harmful UV rays. That means if you wanted to reduce heat in your building you would lose natural light from the windows. This was counterproductive because the answer was to add more interior lighting. Light bulbs also created a lot of heat.  Being as how we had advanced technologies window film manufacturers now use absorbing metals and materials that have reflectors we cannot see. These advanced technologies will help reduce the amount of natural light that is lost when window tint is applied.

Did you know natural light and artificial lighting has a significant impact on our moods throughout the day (WebMD)? Especially important in large office buildings where many of us work in very close proximity to each other.  Natural lighting through windows is said to have a very calming and peaceful effect on our moods and emotions. That is always a plus at work. The natural lighting even increasing alertness and metabolism. whereas lack of light (dark windows) and even poor artificial lighting can trigger depression, eyestrain and in some cases migraines. Professional  films will reduce and/or retain the temperatures in an office building with little effect on the natural light that enters a space.  Help keep your office staff upbeat and on task with window tint on the windows in your office in Kansas City.

Those open big office windows that are in many commercial properties. In fact, the newest trend in energy efficiency is large windows that allow natural light into a space. Large windows help eliminate the need for a lot of artificial lighting which can help with energy savings. Typical office windows block most UVB rays. Which is why normally you won’t get a sunburn while sitting at your desk.  What about UVA rays? Typical Clear glass only blocks a small portion of UVA rays through, so even if you don’t feel you are getting sunburned, your skin may still become damaged (American Cancer Society). UVA rays are the most intense because they penetrate deep into the skin’s thickest layer. This can lead to premature aging, wrinkling, and even skin Cancer.While the natural sunlight may brighten your mood,  UVA rays are damaging your skin and possibly even suppressing your immune system.  Window film on the windows in your office will reduce at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Helping eliminate the risks of Skin Cancer, premature aging and in some cases even depression!

Potentially a problem that you would have in a large office window is the glare . Too much glare on your computer screen can cause issues with workflow. Some may think blinds or a curtain is the only answer. Since we have already determined that sunlight can affect your mood. Closing yourself in with blinds can make for a long, unhappy day. Window tint on the windows in your office can help eliminate the need for blinds by reducing the harsh sunlight to a more comfortable level.  Window film will allow you to continue to enjoy your view and still be able to actually see your computer screen.

The windows at your workplace don’t have to be dark and depressing to prevent glare and depressed moods. A-1 Window Tint has your solution to the lack of productivity in the workplace. The professionals her will help you decide which window film is best for your building and no matter the problem, we are the solution.No job is to difficult for us to handle. Give us a call at 913-829-5500 A1` Window Tint.

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